Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain


Selecting efficient shipping carriers

The client is a huge Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) company who has a wide range of products which introduces a lot of SKU-level complexity. They were facing an issue with the selection of the right carrier for their shipments across the globe. Since, the carriers can be categorized based on a lot of metrics, it was difficult to rank their performance and choose the best of the lot.

Technology Used

Python, SQL (for data extraction)


 The solution involved various steps, starting with identifying correlated metrics wherein a cost analysis was performed between different carrier pricing and industry average, analysis on the on-time delivery and accuracy metric etc. Further, the carriers were ranked by assessing the best carrier for daily and weekly shipment characteristics and by performing driver analysis. Finally, the total cost saving was computed as a result of this carrier ranking and benchmarking. This helped the client to improve demand planning and shipment processing for better services and reduced costs.

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